Guardian Turbo Timer

What is the Guardian Turbo Timer?

The Guardian Turbo Timer is designed to keep engines running after they have worked under load to cool-down the engine, the default time on our system is five minutes. The reason why this is important to do is that it allows the internal temperature of the engine to be brought down gradually, so the turbine won’t burn the lubrication oil that would otherwise be trapped within the charger with the turbine rotating at high speed. 

Guardian Turbo Timer is an automatic system that will start immediately after the key has been turned off. 

Guardian Turbo Timer

No more fault codes with proper engine cool down system


  • Stabilize Emission System reduces fault codes.
  • Longer Turbo life expectancy 
  • Less maintenance cost, won’t have error engine codes for the emission system. 
  • Easy to install 
  • Operator doesn’t need to do anything.
  • Made in Canada

Easy Install

  1. Using the template provided drill 3 holes – 1/4″ diameter.
  2. Install decal provided on the dash.
  3. Feed the LED cable through the dash, put the red cable on the + and the white to the ground. 
  4. Feed the Toggle switch through the dash and place the white cover. Install the nut, the green cable on top, and black cable on the bottom of the switch.
  5. Install the black wire on the ground (chassis)
  6. 6. Install red power to 12V or 24V battery.
  7. Install white ignition 12V or 24V ignition.
  8. Install green from times relay to ignition (?)
  9. Start-up equipment: Once the equipment is turned off by the key, the LED light will go on. Once the unit is turned off, the LED will flash and the engine will stay running for 5 minutes. 
  10. To cancel, lift the white cover on the toggle switch, hold 2 seconds, release the switch, the engine will shut off. 

Wiring Diagram