CEO & COO of Diesel Tech Industries

The Faces behind Diesel Tech Industries

Diesel Tech Industries is a trusted and well established company with close to 20 years in the transport industry technology field. Our continuous innovation has made us an industry leader not only in Alberta but globally in building vehicle related electronic technology. 

 Products like vehicle network interfacing modules and critical engine shutdown systems are all designed, manufactured, and assembled under one roof in Alberta.

\”Our Company is rooted in driving innovative technology for the transportation industry. Transparency is important to us and being able to assure customers that our sources are sustainable is a priority. Along with this, DTI has created a customer focused culture by going beyond and listening to our customer needs.\” – Rebecca Goldsack, COO




15 bay repair shop


Guardian EPASS

Emergency Positive Air Shutdown System 


Guardian ECM Interface

Interprets engine Data Protocol 


Guardian Clockr

Project Management Time Record  


Guardian Turbo Timer

Allows turbo to cool down 


Guardian ELOG

Electronic Logging Device Hours of Service Logbook 


Guardian ECU Simulator

Truck in a Box 


Guardian Hydrogen Diesel System

Onboard Hydrogen Supply

Engineered Inhouse

Throughout the years, DTI’s catalog of market driven innovation projects expanded. Equipped with an inhouse multidisciplinary engineering team that includes hardware, firmware, software and mechanical engineers, we are scalable to meet demands of several projects at once. These engineering assets possess real world experience in prototyping and have taken all of our products from customer discovery to development to production to market. Our qualified existing vendors for mass production makes it possible for us to continue innovating. We are involved from concept to production and manufacturing processes. 

Our Team

Darren Rivet


Rebecca Goldsack


Clay Green

technical services manager

Kelly Wry

business development

Bruce Bennett


Ben Montazeri

Senior embedded systems developer


Jonathan Loppnow

Software & App developer

Henry Zhou

Software & App developer

Guardian ELOG - Carlos Estay

Carlos Estay

Lead Embedded Systems Developer

Diesel Tech Industries - Bruce

Bruce Corbett

Electronics Technician

Guardian ELOG - Johnny Huong - Web Developer

Johnny Huang

Web Developer

Ana Caballes

Graphic designer & Marketing

Guardian ELOG Taras

Taras Levytskyy

software & App developer

Darcey Cooke

cables lead technician

Camron Richardson

Lead valve technician

Tara Schymizek

operations manger